Eastwood Technology Co., Ltd. was established in early 2006 by opening early so far been small and large businesses to provide computer hardware products and services, more agents various types of high-end computer products, such as chassis, processor, heat sink and some of the high-end customers and Games Players essential computer accessories, a few stress sales of quality assurance agencies . Our service areas are mainly Hong Kong, China, Southeast Asia, large and small cities also our company's clients, as Europe, our company has a number of companies provide users with hardware supplies. Company purpose is to market high-end products to provide a real platform, through our quality constant pursuit to provide genuine guarantees of products for these smart marketing fee to provide satisfactory service.


In recent years, the users and gamers on the quality of its products will continue to improve, in view of this, our company actively seeking to produce high quality high-end product manufacturers would welcome the opportunity to launch its own brand, feedback you long-term support to users.


東活科技有限公司成立於2006年初,由開業初期至今一直為各大小工商企業提供電腦硬件產品服務,更有代理各類高階電腦產品,如機箱、處理器、散熱器及一些對高階客戶和遊戲玩家不可或缺的電腦配件,是少數講求銷售質量保證的代理。 我公司的服務地區主要為香港,但中國、東南亞各大小城市亦有我公司的客戶,至於歐洲方面,我們亦有一些公司用家提供硬件供應。 公司宗旨是希望為市場上的高階產品者提供一個真正平台,透過我們對質量的不斷追求, 提供真正有保證的產品,為這些精明的銷費者提供滿意服務。


近年各用家及遊戲玩家對產品質素都不斷提高,有見及此,我們積極尋找能生產質素高的高階產品廠商,希望有機會推出自己的品牌, 回饋各位長期支持的用家。